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Department of Anthropology

Department of Anthropology

The Department of Anthropology was introduced on 1st September 2003 as a part of the Undergraduate programme affiliated to Vidyasagar University. At present the department has an intake capacity of 55 students per year.

Courses Offered: B.Sc. Anthropology Honours (Major) is offered with two General (Minor) subjects– Geography/ Zoology/ Physiology/ Botany/ Computer Science/ Chemistry. General or multidisciplinary B.Sc. and B.A. students can take Anthropology as a combination subject.

Other courses offered by the department: i. Travel and Tourism Management (TTM), one year add-on certificate course ii. One add-on course titled 'Local Heritage of the Undivided Medinipur District' iii. A two-year regular co-educate fully job oriented Postgraduate course, MSW, affiliated to Vidyasagar University, currently offered by the college for which Anthropology is the foundation subject in undergraduate level.

Departmental Facilities:

i. Well equipped laboratory for Biological Anthropology and Archaeological Anthropology.

ii. A well equipped museum, local heritage collection and preservation centre.

iii. Available departmental computers and laptops that can be used by students for their regular academic studies, fieldwork studies, writing project work etc.

iv.  A departmental seminar library with numerous useful text and reference books for the students. Besides, there is also a good collection of e-books and journals on the departmental computers for the students.

v. Wi-Fi supported department.


i. ICT supported regular classes and student seminars with PPT presentations.

ii. Several intensive fieldwork and regular outreach programmes.

iii.   Fieldwork and research projects include studies on various tribal and caste populations, rural and urban population studies, health and nutrition, Anthropology of crafts, Anthropology of folklore, Religious tourism and many more.

iv.   Participation in different co-curricular activities like NSS, NCC, UBA and other voluntary services

v. Regular interaction between students and teachers and counselling outside the classroom for their academic improvement and personal well-being.

Results and Achievements:

i. Very low dropout rate and high enrolment rate for the next level of higher education.

ii. More than 90 per cent of students graduated in the first class.

iii. In the last five years, two students have been awarded the University Gold Medal at UG level for stood first with first class in honours.

Prospects of the subject:

i. Good employment opportunities after completion of UG and PG degree, especially in various government and government-aided institutions and NGOs.

ii. Opportunity to pursue higher studies in various related subjects.

iii. Opportunity to build a career as a researcher in various organizations.

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Dr. Suman Kalyan Samanta

Assistant Professor

Email: samantasumankalyan@gmail.com

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Prof. Kundan Ghosh

Assistant Professor

Email: ghoshkundan2007@rediffmail.com

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