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Department of Physics

Department of Physics

The department of physics is one of the finest departments of Mahishadal girls' college. This department was established in the year 2012. The department since inception was affiliated to the Vidyasagar University. The department started its journey with physics as a past subject introduced in 2017. The physics department has well maintained laboratories containing many valuable instruments which are very helpful for the undergraduate students. The department has a regular academic calendar that consists of a regular class routine, assessment of students like regular college exams, parents teachers meeting and involving students in different academic activities like attending seminars. At present the department has one state aided college teacher as an academic teaching staff.

Vision and mission of the Physics department:

  • Providing the students with an adequate background in physics through its normal programmes to increase their chances of success in their future career years.
  • Improving every aspect of physics education and applications.
  • The department's mission is to accumulate physics knowledge, sharing it in a scientific community, nurture respect and care for each other as well as bear social responsibility.
  • We are dedicated to teaching and learning physics in a collaborative, performance-based community. We encourage observation and analysis of natural science and we seek to develop the skills for advancing our knowledge for providing solutions to challenges we face as individuals, communities, and societies.
  • We have dedication for lifelong learning through academic and social programmes; acquiring new knowledge through research and project activities in a few thrust areas of interdisciplinary science.
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